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Guide Wave Radar

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Guided wave radar level meter is used in water storage tank, acid and alkali storage tank, slurry storage tank, solid particle, small storage tank. It is used for all kinds of conductive, non-conductive and corrosive media. Such as the liquid and gas measurement of coal bin, ash bin, oil tank, acid tank.
Characteristic of guided wave radar level meter:
1、Any medium with a dielectric constant greater than or equal to 1.4 can be measured.
2、Generally used to measure the media whose viscosity ≤500cst and not easy to produce adhesion.
3、The pole radar has a maximum range of 6 meters.
4、Strong inhibition of steam and foam, and the measurement is not affected.
5、For liquid materials with small dielectric constant, double probe rod measurement method can be adopted to ensure good accuracy of measurement.
Technical advantages of guided wave radar level meter: it measures continuous liquid, particle and slurry level. The measurement of radar level is not affected by medium change, temperature change, inert gas and steam, dust, foam, etc.
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