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Standard Throttling Device

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Standard orifice plate is international standard products with the characteristics of simple structure, firm, stable and reliable performance, and long service life. The calculation of orifice plate adopts the international standards. All single-phase flow can be measured, and some miscible flow can also be measured. 
Standard orifice plate can be used without flow calibration. The installation of integrated orifice plate is simpler. There is no need to install pressure tube, and can be directly connected to the differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter. Standard orifice plate and high precision intelligent transmitter can be used together, which can realize self-diagnosis and self-programming adjustment. It can display the accumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure and temperature at the same time. Besides online and dynamic full compensation function, it also has self-diagnosis and self-setting measuring range functions. It is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces. 
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